Vice President of US Announced $1bn to State for Floods

Vice President of US Announced $1bn to State for Floods
United States Vice President - Harris

Kamala Harris, the United States vice President has called climate change an immediate and urgent crisis as she detailed Biden administration efforts to respond to disasters such as deadly flooding in Kentucky and wildfire ravaging her home town California.

Harris on Monday was set to announce to announce more than $1bn in grants available to the state to address the flooding extreme heat exacerbated by climate change. The competitive grants are designed to help communities across the nation prepared for and respond to climate related disasters.

Visiting the national hurricane center before the grants announcement, Harris said that disasters such as Kentucky Rain flooding and California wildfires show how immediate, how current and how urgent to issue is of addressing the extreme weather that we have been experiencing around the country and the world.

The frequency has accelerated in relatively short period of time, Harris said that the science is clear. Extreme weather will only get worse and the climate crisis will only accelerates.

In 2021 the US experience 20 climate related disasters that each cause more than $1bn in damage, Harris said,  citing a reports by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. They about six such disasters per year in the 1990s.


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