Edo State to Recruit Forest Police Amide Insecurities

Edo State to Recruit Forest Police Amide Insecurities
Governor Godwin Obaseki - Edo State

Edo State government will be embarking on recruitment of a forest police following the documentation and audit of the state forest.

Crusoe Osagie the special adviser to media project to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Who made the announcement on Monday august 1st, said the recruitment is part of a renew efforts to enhance security across the state.

Osagie said that the state government is partnership with relevant stakeholders is strengthening the security architecture and adopting various measure to sustain security in the state. Including bash combings registration of motorbike and market places signing the anti grazing law and residents registration among others.

The statement read.

“The responsibility of any government in any society is guaranteed and safety of the people, no government can call it self a government if it can not protect and secure the life of people that it overseas.

That is why for us in Edo State, giving what is going on the country today, we have decided that security is now our number one priority in the area of our forest, we have completed documentation and audit of all our forest in Edo State particularly.

We Done a flyover of all our forest and as we speak, we have set up a new forestry commission our forestry law that have not been updated in more than 50 years now have been updated and part of the provisions of the law is that we will now re-energise the institution of the forest guard.

We are currently in discussing with the federal ministry of environment and some stakeholders to begin the recruitment of the first set of the new forest police as we will call them to support the activity of all the other security agency.

In terms of squatters in the market we are going to enforce the local government law which stipulate that it is only the local government that is entitled to register market and shut down illegal market.

Any police were trading is currently taking place today and such a place has not been registered will immediately shut down”.

SOURCE: Thisdaylive

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