Kwankwaso tell Rev Daniel Okoh to Maintain his Tolerance and Compassion

Kwankwaso tell Rev Daniel Okoh to Maintain his Tolerance and Compassion
Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

Presidential Candidate of the new Nigeria people party NNPP, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has congratulated his eminence, most Rev Daniel Okoh for emerging president of the Christian association of Nigeria CAN, urging him to maintain his Tolerance and Compassion.

In a letter to the CAN president, Kwankwaso said he was very pleased to write an congratulates him on his deserve ascension to the position.

“As you are Commissioned in your new position I joined every Nigerian on goodwill to wish you every success in your new office, needless to add, and as your grace is, no doubt, already aware, we consider this as one of the most important office in the world of faith.

And we are indeed very delighted that the most deserving of all is call upon to serve, congratulations.

We are even more pleased that the competitive selection has produced a president who is renowned scholar, a detribalised Nigerian patriot, a hero of interfaith dialogue with international track record in reconciling people especially of different faith, and a champions of peace unity and the rules of law, Kwankwaso said adding Nigeria will undoubtedly be a better place if all men of God of all religions approach pastoral work with the tolerance, compassion and faithfulness to higher principle that you have exhibited in the various office that you have occupied in the past.

An today as you ascent to the president of CAN the scope has expanded and the horizon has broadened and it is our prayers that in your new position, God almighty uses you with the power of his grace to counsel and move the Nigerians Christendom towards a deep understanding of the other and towards a sympathetic dialogue with others and towards building a sincere fellowship with everyone.

As you take up this new responsibility today, I pray to God to continue to guide and protect you, May he makes the tasks of your steering and affairs of the CAN easy and successful for you, Kwankwaso added.

SOURCE: LeadershipNews

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