Social Media: Twitter Sees First Wins Against Elon Musk

Social Media: Twitter Sees First Wins Against Elon Musk

Twitter inc Scored an early Win against Elon Musk it’s fight to make him complete his $44 billions buyout, as a Delaware judge agree to fast track the case with an October trail date.

Chancery Court of Judge (Kathleen St J McCormick) on Tuesday scheduled the trail for five days in the fall, instead of two weeks in February as the billionaire requested, Twitter argued it was suffering under the Tesla inc founders withdrawal from the deal and disparagement of the social media company.

The ruling marks the first victory for Twitter in a case in which many legal expert said Musk will be the underdog.

In a hearing in Wilmington the judge made clear she saw little merits in Musk scheduling argument saying his lawyers underestimate the ability of this court to quickly process complex disputes in merger and acquisition case.

McCormick found that the battle over the teetering transaction was creating a cloud ☁️ delay threaten imminent harm to the company, she said.

The judge has no questions for Twitter lawyer after his argument but did stop Musk Attorney when he called the September 19 trail start Twitter proposed, preposterous she cited a past case that moved to trail within three months and rejected the Musk lawyers argument that she her self took a year to get another case to trail, nothing the constraints of pandemic at that time.


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