She Won’t Leave the Country, Canada Denies Yemi Alade Visa

She Won't Leave the Country, Canada Denies Yemi Alade Visa

The popular Nigerian born musician Yemi Alade and her music band have been denied Canadian visa over fears that she and her crew may not Leave the Country After their performance.

According to the reports release by Le Devoir the french newspaper 🗞️ published and distributed in Canada, the Singer won’t be performing at a festival final closing ceremony stated for Sunday.

The 33 years old afrobeats Star is said to be one of the headliner of the festival international Nuits of Afrique.

Commenting on the development Suzanne Rousseau the festival co-founder the visa denied is due to financial reasons and for fears that the group won’t leave Canada.

Finally we an answer that saying the musician were refused, saying that they have to guarantee that they have enough financial means that will make them go back to their country, She said.

With Yemi Alade absent, Suzanne have stated that the Singer would be replaced at the festival by Sampa the great, Zambia born Australian Singer.

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