United States Calls Mexico’s Emergency Policies | Read….

United States Calls Mexico's Emergency Policies | Read....

The United States is putting pressure on Mexico over emergency Policies that Washington said unfairly favour Mexico’s own electricity and oil company over American Competitors and clean energy suppliers.

United States is demanding talk to resolve a dispute starting a process Wednesday that could end trade sanctions against Mexico.

“We have reportedly expressed serious concern about a Series of change in Mexico energy policies and their consistent with Mexico commitment, US trade representatives Katherine Tai said in a statement. She said United States companies continue to face unfair treatment in Mexico”.

Among the specific issues in dispute is an amendment to Mexican law Last year that the US has said gives an unfair edge to electricity produced by Mexico Own Utility Federal Electricity Commission over Energy from private companies and over cleaner source such as wind and solar.

The US also protest the 2019 regulations that gives only state oil and gas companies petroleos Mexicanos extra time to comply with tougher environment standard Limiting the sulfur Allowed in automotive diesel fuel.


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