President Biden Revealed Step on Climate Change | Details/Video

President Biden Revealed Step on Climate Change | Details/Video

The United States President Joe Biden is set to announce new executive action on climate change that are expected to address some concerns among his own Democratic Party, but will fall short of fulfilling the demand to declare a federal emergency.

Biden will unveil the latest efforts during a visit on Wednesday to a former coal fired power plans in Somerset, Massachusetts, that is shifting offshore wind manufacturing.

It’s the embodiment of the transition to clean energy that Biden is seeking but has struggled to realize in the first 18 months of his presidency.

Wednesday’s, executive actions include new initiative to bolster the domestic offshore wind industry as well as efforts to help communities cope with soaring temperature through program administered by the federal emergency management agency and the department of health and human services, the associated press reports sitting a while house official.

The trip come as a historic Bake Europe and the United States, at least 60 millions of American could experience sweltering temperature over the next several days as cities around US sweat through more intense and longer lasting heat waves that scientist have blamed on global warming.


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