12 Things We Should Never do in Life

12 Things We Should Never do in Life

This could be the most important thing you should not do and that will be very helpful.

  1. Stop expecting from others, Expectations only leads to disappointments.
  2. Never blame any body for your mistake or Failure.
  3. Never make a promise when you are emotional.
  4. Never say or do something that is going to affect anyone negativity.
  5. Don’t believe in things that you haven’t seen by your self.
  6. Never feel ashamed to admit your mistake.
  7. Never take your all friends home, be selective don’t trust anyone blindly.
  8. Never shared your personal life with any body.
  9. Never underestimate your self, you can definitely do if you want to do.
  10. Never compared your life or people others, the fingers on the same hands are not same, so we can not expect everyone to be same.
  11. Never get addicted to anything so seriously, it can be a thing, or person, or habit.
  12. Never tell any secret Infront of a kids, they are catchy and can bring you embarrassment in the public.

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