The Golden Advice You will Learn in Life

The Golden Advice You will Learn in Life

This could be the golden advice you will learn in life which will be very important to humans.

  1. Don’t chew what you can’t swallow, it ain’t worth it.
  2. Don’t believe everything you hear, sometimes ear hear what you are not supposed to hear.
  3. Looks can be deceiving, many kings has fallen because of misjudgements.
  4. Never dismissed any advice. Sometimes the most unlikely things happen when your least expect.
  5. The most difficult things is to distinguish the love of a woman – weather she loves you or weather she loves your money, only time will tell.
  6. Never judge a person by appearance. They is a person who appear rich outwardly but is extremely poor, and they is person who appear poor but is extremely rich.
  7. Don’t give up on something that is a matter of life and death for death will still come anyway.
  8. Trying to move forward while looking at the past is like running into the future with shackles of iron tagging at your hands and feet.
  9. Don’t force your useful help on people. Some people can not be helped. Those who can be helped will come to you willingly.
  10. Love, when directed at those who can receive it, Can be the most smoothing and refreshing experience.
  11. Every one wears two masks, the one that they like people to see and the one that the devil will see.
  12. Never even for a moment believes that babies are born angel, they have to be trained to be comes angel and this take a great deal of time, efforts and growing up.
  13. They are a lot of things in life that doesn’t make sense but give it time and pressure and you can never go wrong, time has a way of peeling out even the thickest skin.
  14. Having a lot of money only make sense when you can use it to buy happiness.
  15. Life can only be employed when you shared it with someone you loved, having everything with out someone’s to share it with is like living in a prison cell with no windows for the rest of your life.
  16. The most tragic things in life is to depart from the world with out ever discovering who you were or why you were here.

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