Over Racial Profiling DJ Neptizzle Calls Out London Club

Over Racial Profiling DJ Neptizzle Calls Out London Club

The afrobeats disc jockey Dj Neptizzle has called out a London Club, proud late London on claim of recial profiling,

The irate Dj had taken to his Twitter account to let lose on how he was feeling with a lengthy threat posted on the 16 of July.

According to the Dj who’s an Afrobeats power house, the club management had frustrated plan for his 15 Years anniversary party which was Stated to hold within the club and had restricted some guests dis from gaining entrance as a result of their appearance.

Neptizzle also mentioned that while the club capacity was 750 and his party was set to cater for a crowd of over 500, the Management had stated that they had they have over sold tickets.

Some of the restricted members of Dj Neptizzle party include a fellow DJ, Rashel Anson who hosted Burna Boy love Damini launch party, the Dj also narrated her ordeal stating that the club management make her miss her set for no reason.

Neptizzle called out has since  garnered comment of solidarity which corroborate his claim of racism in London hospitality sector, meanwhile the Management of proud late London is yet to address dj Neptizzle claims.


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