Ochinachi Husband is Missing, Allege Kuje Prison Break

Ochinachi Husband is Missing, Allege Kuje Prison Break

Peter Nwachukwu, spouse of the late gospel vocalist, Osinachi Nwachukwu has purportedly gotten away from jail, DAILY POST accumulated.

Review that a High Court in Abuja on June 3 remanded Nwachukwu at the Kuje Correctional office, forthcoming the conference and assurance of the murder related suit against him by the Attorney General of the Federation.

Yet, our reporter accumulated that Nwachukwu was one of the suspects who got away from the office during a fear monger assault last week Tuesday.

Psychological oppressors thought to be Boko Haram individuals had on July 6, went after the medium restorative community, and killed something like two people while north of 800 prisoners were liberated.

A source from Dunamis International Gospel Center, Osinachi’s previous Church, let DAILY POST on Tuesday know that he was unable to be found in the jail since the assault occurred.

As per him, a manhunt has been sent off by security agents looking for the suspect

“The day we knew about the jail break, we called the jail specialists to know the province of Mr. Nwachukwu yet they were at first not approaching with the genuine circumstance.

*In any case it was affirmed on Sunday that the man genuinely got away from jail guardianship.

“Manhunt has been sent off on him right now. Security offices have been advised.

“They are additionally checking his financial balance to check whether there would be any exchange.”

Osinachi, the Ekwueme singer passed on April 8 and was covered on June 25 at her old neighborhood Isochi Umunneochi in Abia State.

Ochinachi Husband is Missing, Allege Kuje Prison Break

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