Suspected Two Armed Robbers Sentenced To Death In Akwa Ibom State

Suspected Two Armed Robbers Sentenced To Death In Akwa Ibom State

An Akwa Ibom State High Court sitting in Uyo, the state capital, on Thursday, condemned two equipped looters, Donald John Obot, a 35-year-old hair stylist and Blessing Christopher Utah, a 36-year-old ex-convict to death by hanging.

The pair was sentenced for planning and denying one Esther Victor Akpan of the amount of N110,000.

They were said to have completed the activity at Abak street Uyo after their casualty pulled out the expressed sum from her bank in December, 2018.

In their confession booth proclamations, the convicts said they had denied a man of 500,000 naira, one more of 200,000 naira and a lady at IBB Avenue, of her one hundred and 31 thousand naira.

The preliminary appointed authority, Justice Okon, while conveying the judgment, viewed Donald John Obot and Blessing Christopher Utah to be liable of scheme and furnished burglary.

The Court said, “peculiar and awful furnished burglars mishandled the public vehicle framework and switched their tricycles over completely to execute wrongdoing, leaving their honest casualties with frightening encounters and stories of misfortunes”.

Equity Okon held that the convicts admitted that their gathering point was Federal Secretariat, Uyo, before they continued to screen banks and ATM focuses, searching for clients pulling out cash.

The head of the pack and rider of the tricycle utilized in the tasks, is said to have gotten away and has not been tracked down till today.

The Court said, “his days are numbered” encouraging him to utilize his fortunate departure to retouch his methodologies and way of life.

Equity Okon requested that the two litigants ought to pass on by hanging and supplicated God to show kindness upon their spirits.


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