Police send off Manhunt for Enemies of two People in Enugu

Police send off Manhunt for Enemies of two People in Enugu

The Enugu State Police Command has started a cautious manhunt for those engaged with the supposed killing of two people in Akwuke hub of Enugu city.

Representative of the order, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, who revealed this in a proclamation gave in Enugu on Wednesday, June 29, expressed that the order had started examination concerning the occurrence, which purportedly occurred around 9.30pm on June 25.

Cautious examination and manhunt have been jump started to fish out the equipped assailants,* he expressed.

He made sense of that the criminals did the assault in a powdery gray RX 300 Lexus Jeep, with no enlistment number.

He added that the group went after certain people in a bar at Akwuke Uwani Community in Enugu.

*They shot and killed two casualties (a male and a female), while one more female casualty was shot in her legs. The collections of the two casualties were moved to the emergency clinic, where they were affirmed dead by specialists on duty,* Ndukwe further expressed.

He noticed that their bodies had been stored at the emergency clinic’s morgue for conservation and post-mortem.

*The third casualty was likewise taken to an emergency clinic and is answering treatment,* he said.

He encouraged the occupants to help the police with sound data and knowledge that would help the fast capture of the attackers.


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