House Wife Pays Murderer N7,000 to Kill her Husband in Yola | Details…

Police send off a manhunt after shooters trapped and killed a cop in Rivers state

A Housewife has been captured for employing a man to kill her significant other in Yola.

The lady, Hauwa Audu, an occupant of Michika nearby government region, recruited the administrations of one Kwaji Tizhe, for N100, 000, to kill her better half, James Tizhe, and put aside an underlying installment of N7,000.

Mrs. Audu as of now in jail authority in Yola, for supposed endeavored murder was summoned under the steady gaze of the Chief Magistrate Court I, for “endeavor to commit guilty crime,” Leadership detailed.

As indicated by the investigator, ASP Francis Audu, the litigant brought forth a plot to kill her better half, James Tizhe and two others that incorporate Maryamu Bugi and Bugi Walla.

The investigator hinted the court that the litigant, gave a money store of N7, 000, to the professional killer out of the amount of N100, 000, she had vowed to pay subsequent to killing those she had penciled down. The recruited executioner gathered the money store on June 3, 2022, and announced himself to the police.

It was assembled that Hauwa paid the cash to Kwaji, to counsel a local specialist for her benefit to incur loss of motion for her significant other, however not to kill him.

She supposedly admitted that she made the move due to the spouse’s inability to regard her as his better half and appropriately deal with her. The spouse was claimed not to have similar bed with her for the beyond nine years.

The litigant was said to have blamed Maryamu Bugi and Bugi Walla for killing her little girl in-regulation through black magic because of which she chose to get a payback.

Upon her arraignment in court, the respondent denied the charges and argued not blameworthy. It was after she placed her request that the indictment applied for a deferment to empower him to copy the case document and send something very similar to DPP for checking thinking about the idea of the supposed offense.

House Wife Pays Murderer N7,000 to Kill her Husband in Yola | Details...

In his decision, Chief Magistrate Mohammed Buba, requested the remand of the litigant and in this manner concluded the make a difference to July 14, 2022..

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